NBA playoffs: Philadelphia-Boston 98-101, 0-3 in the series

Belinelli in double figures is almost the case, but the Celtics take the pass to the extra dragged by Tatum (25 points) and Rozier (18) Philadelphia (3) -Boston (2) 98-101 d.t.s. (0-3 in the series) Race-3 gives emotions to no end but the self-injury of the 76ers, and in particular of Ben Simmons, sinks Philadelphia. Boston wins thanks to the character of its players, Horford and Tatum above all, and the genius of its coach. Brad Stevens, in fact, once again shows that he is the real added value of a team that despite the injuries is constantly surprising and upsets his personal challenge with Brett Brown. Marco Belinelli tries to save the 76ers season by finding the extraordinary basket at the end of the regulation time that drags the match to the extra, but Simmons' mistakes in the final overtime and Horford's space plays are tipping the balance on the Celtics side. So Boston takes home the third match in a series that seems now closed. Really difficult for Philadelphia to get up after a knockout like that, considering the fact that in the history of the NBA no team has ever won a series after being under 0-3. Marco Belinelli once again arrives in double figures (22nd consecutive game) and closes with 12 points in 36 'with an excellent +15 of +/-.

Best part in Boston relying on the games of an inspired Tatum. The attack of Philadelphia struggled to light up, the flurries of Embiid are not enough, Boston arrives at +9, then Redick and Belinelli give the part of the 12-2 that brings back the home team. But just when the 76ers seem to have found the offensive skein, Boston resumed running at the second fraction opening. Smart and Morris find excellent baskets, Rozier's triple from the corner in the middle of the fraction then gives the away team the advantage in double figures. Saric finally sees that after a bad start of the race takes confidence in attack, two consecutive triple Ilyasova and the beautiful game from three of Embiid, who "posterize" Baynes, turn on the Wells Fargo Center. In the first half of the game is played in a pit, Philly touches the +7 with the triple Beli, but Boston does not give up the grip, returns below in the final and arrives at the interval delayed by three lengths.Bet on your favourite team with our top betting predictions.

The home team returns to be predictable in attack even in the third quarter, Simmons too much effort and Boston so takes the reins of the match. With TJ McConnell instead of the Australian rookie in the final of the fraction things are better for the 76ers who get back on track and try to accelerate at the beginning of the fourth period. Embiid full of Baynes fouls, but Boston remains there and you play so point to point until the end. The free of Beli give the +2 to 41 '' from the siren, but Brown draws the score to 24 '' from the end of the match. Philly's last possession but incredibly the home team stumbles in a bloody turnover that Jaylen Brown turns into the basket of +2. With less than two seconds on the time trial, the ball goes to the blue that finds the retina from the corner driving the 76ers fans crazy. Also start the "confetti" that flood the parquet, but the referees clearly signal basket from two (the foot of the blue and 'clearly on the line) that the replay confirms. It goes to the extra and Philadelphia ruins everything with a series of absurd errors in the final seconds.

Forward of a length to 20 '' from the end Embiid finds only the iron but Simmons conquers the rebound in attack. Incredibly, however, the Australian tries to end immediately, giving possession to the Celtics. Boston thanks and with a game masterfully designed by Stevens, after the timeout, Horford five seconds from the end brings forward Boston. There is time to produce a good shot for Philly but Simmons' turnover on the throwback gives Horford, who with an excellent play anticipates Embiid, two free. The Celtics leader makes two out of two in the lunette and Belinelli's prayer dies on the iron at the end. Boston rejoices, the Eastern Conference final is now very close.